Nature Mandalas

Metal prints 30 cm x 30 cm ready for your wall


Exquisite Mandalas created from Photographs.



Mandala is the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram of the universe, believed to possess cosmic powers

with astrological or magical benefits in the ancient Indian tradition. Focusing at the center of the Mandala

you enter its depth and gain access to the divine forces, bringing  a positive spiritual change in your mind, which helps overcome all obstacles and illusions.


Follow this link to read Wikipedia's definition for Mandalas


Use the Mandalas to clear and calm your mind. Softly focus on the center of the Mandala and utilize it

in conjunction with an affirmations of your choice to intensify your resolve and enthusiasm for your desired state.


Repeating an affirmation while looking at a Mandala connects you and your deepest desires

with the universe and unlocks the door to their fulfillment.

Coming from a place of gratitude and considering the benefit for others,

you get closer to the manifestation of all good in your life.


I personally have used the following affirmations with great success and I highly recommend them.

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