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15 November  2014

Julian Venter, Tsoxa 5 Alimos 17455, Greece

As Good as it Gets


I live with my wife Maria in an two bedroom apartment in Athens, Greece, in a Municipality called Alimos. As the crow flies we are +- 50 meters away from the sea. It is a long thin apartment, that Maria fixed wonderfully, as interior design is one of her passions.

Our flat from the outside,the one with the plants.

Living in Greece is a bit like living in heaven in hell because of the financial crisis.

Greece is a delightfully beautiful country. The food is particularly delicious and nutritious. Generally Greeks have their priorities in order and live for the day and they know how to enjoy themselves. They live towards to the outside and there is very little crime or physical violence.

But because of the incredible debt burden people are strapped for cash and can hardly pay their bills, in fact many cannot. Every week, every month is really difficult for us.

You see endless closed and abandoned shops and houses.

The Greeks are open minded people and while everyone has a strong opinion and a lively debate may erupt at any moment, even on the public transport between strangers, they may yell at each other but I have never seen it come to blows.

My everyday Life

I have been living in Greece for the past 21 years, and in Alimos since  July 2009. I love having interesting Art works and objects around me. To create an environment filled with creativity and imagination.

Most of my art is inspired by  many things, but two very important components are Chakra theory and I Ching and the African Astrology that I created based on it and then by proximity Feng Shui.

I spend most of my day at my PC creating works of art or editing photos.

My house and environment are important to me.

Our Kitchen

The Bedroom

We have the privilege of sharing our home with two cats, Tereza and Gogga.


The view from our balcony. We are fortunate to have a big garden in front of us.

Why I started Marketing my Art

I used to be able to finance my art passion through teaching yoga, but with the recent austerity measures in Greece, I lost most of my students and had to turn to marketing my art as an alternative way to generate income. Initially it was hell, I knew I had to do it but couldn’t get myself to do it. Then I got over that but realized I had no idea how to do it. As the financial noose tightened I realize there was no alternative.


Then I enrolled into a course and I found out what I had done up until then was very wrong. I also realized that all the long hours that I spent nobody saw what I was doing. My website was a mess and my attempts on Facebook had been not much better. And of course the hours of learning:


1. "How to make a website."


2. "How to get your website seen and rated positively on the search engines?"


3. "Tracking to see if anybody is visiting the website."


4. "How to write and send out a Blog?"


5. "How to get your Blog read once you have written it?"


6. "How to create and post videos on YouTube."


It is the beginning of a long journey, wish me luck!

My aim is to create affordable unique artworks

to brighten and inspire your home.

Art works that are truly African yet modern.

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