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African Earth-ology

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The Artworks from the series "When Animals Could Speak" are inspired by a vision I had had back in 1987. The night after experiencing my first conscious Out of Body experience’, or ‘Astral Journey.'


I dreamt that I was sitting at my desk and an ancient Chinese sage was standing behind me to my left

 helping me create an ‘African Astrology’ using the I Ching. The next morning I jumped up and started with

the project that to this day inspires most of my art and life.


Now I realize it is not a astrology for it does not relate to the stars but rather earth structures and

phenomena, so for lack of a better word for now I will call it a “Earth-ology.”


1 March - 15 April

Spring embodies the seed of heaven. It is the way in which the sky-father impregnates

the earth mother. It's the birds and the bees, a turned on giggle. It is playing and teasing.

He is the apple of the earth mother's eye. He is the tantalizing potential inherent in

extreme polarity, he is Oedipus. He is the one that shocks and makes us burst into

uncontrollable fits of laughter. He is a dancing Joker. He is the "Eldest Son."


 Lightning Animals


16 April - 31 May

Our “Eldest Daughter”, the WIND is the peacemaker. The bringer of the message of love, she is the breath of life.

She embodies grace, rhythmic undulation. She blows away all ill. She is the healing power of forgiveness. She is a cathartic sneeze. She carries the seeds of life to the four corners of the earth. She is the breath of life, spirit, the relief we feel

from emitting a good sigh.

Wind Animals


1 June-15 July

The SUN is our most beautiful star. She is the bringer of light and heat into the world. She is the blazing hero or heroine: ‘Nike Victorious’, she is conquest and challenges, the warrior, the proud. She is the revitalizing source power that feeds all life. She is the one who challenges us to cultivate our best self. In her light we can perceive our relative relations to each other. She is the "Second Daughter."

Sun Animals


16 July- 30 August

The EARTH is our "Great Mother". The one who creates all and to whom we return to when we die. Through her many creatures we experience her immense diversity and plasticity. She is the receptacle, the pliable and like all mothers the dutiful. But she can also be the Medea who kills her unfaithful husband's children. She is the Darkness from where all light comes from, the fertile black soil of the plain. She is bulky and solid, immovable. In her devotion to her children she is immaculate. At death our bodies return to her.

Earth Mother Animals


1 Sept.-15 Oct.

Imagine the persistent lap of the waves as an eternal smile. Or the drop shapes that the negative of the wave pattern form, as the tears that our hearts cry because of our tragic errors and dashed hopes and ambitions and the people and things taken from us, of circumstances beyond our control. She is also our

amazement and joy that our work, our toil yields higher results than what we imagined. That with the harvest we can forget all the difficulties that we had to overcome to get there.

Our "Third Sister” is the one that shows us that life is a stage and that nothing is as serious as it seems.

The Joyous Lake Animals


16 Oct.- 31 Nov.

Next in line we find our "Sky Father": Cold, clear, calculative thinking, deciding how the harvest will to be divided so that it will last throughout winter and early spring. He is the "head" of the "household" or state. He has to ensure that his children in their competitive squabbles do not destroy each other. And that every one is doing their 'best. He is the unpredictable future, space, no beginning and no ending, the void where all things have their origin. He is pure awareness, unadulterated by earthly things, the infinite entity.

 Sky Father Animals


1 Dec.- 15 Jan.

In Winter everything is reduced to its absolute essentials. That what is needed for it to flourish again the next summer. It is a little death that teaches us to be thankful for our blessings. It is the concentrated deep focus of the river in the VALLEY. It is the tested faith we need to endure the hardships of our winters. It is the continually flowing river that cuts into the earth and forms the abyss. The deathly dark shadows of the VALLEY. He is the "Second Son" the adviser to the king, the shaman that looks after the spiritual life of the tribe.

Valley Animals


16 Jan.-29 Feb.

Now we have come to the end of the line. Where the last link meets the first, here we have the "Third Son". He is the summit, of our loftier aspirations, and the higher perspective.

He embodies perfectionism. Hephaestus, the master craftsman, the blacksmith, the architect and builder of our external structures. The completer of all cycles, the mountain fortress of defense and protection. The twin peaks of birth and death, the scales that balance the opposites. The highest peak, where the sage sits and receives pure inspiration.

He is the MOUNTAIN that continually loses its soil to the fertile valleys and plains below. He is the firm foundation on whom we construct our temples.

Mountain Animals

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